LUIS? What is LUIS?

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LUIS (Language Understanding Intelligent Service) is the Machine Learning API for language understanding, a part of Microsoft Cognitive Services (you are not mistaken; it was used to be Project Oxford). Microsoft provides a number of SDKs, APIs and services for devs to make their applications smarter, more intelligent and inspiring.

How it works

LUhelp-youIS helps to deploy an HTTP endpoint, which quickly takes the sentences sent to it, interpreting them in connection with the intention conveyed and the main entities presented. With the help of LUIS one can design any bundle of entities and intentions which are applicable for his business. After that the system of language understanding is to be built. LUIS will guide you.


The сore problem of computer-human interractions is to make the computer understand the intention of the user and divide his request into some blocks of information which can be analyzed, structurized and processed. F.i., in an online store app one might say “buy a white jacket in Kyiv”. And the intention here is “BuyJacket” while “WhiteJacket” is the subject entity. In most cases the intention, containing a verb, is supposed to be the desired action. While “WhiteJacket” is the subject entity and “Kyiv” is the location entity.

And the last but not the least. It does learn, improving itself. LUIS analyzes the intentions and entities, asking the admin to label the interactions it is unsure of. So with the help of LUIS one can extend the set of connections. The more it asks, the quicker it learns.

Supported browser

Internet Explorer 10/11, Chrome


English. French, Italian, Spanish, and Chinese can be supported after it can understand utterances.


Free trial for 10K transactions per month.

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Unfortunately, not yet global. West US only.

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