Customized web-solution. Why to choose?

The task of the customized solution is to create a unique business solution that takes into account the specifics of the industry applied.


Very often the client, searching the opportunities to save the money, decided to turn to the standardized (or the template solution). It is, for sure, profitable at the first stage of the product development as it is cheaper and quicker. But then it turned out, that some features should be customized or added. At this stage, it became clear, that the product needs the additional elaboration and reprocessing. He faces a disappointing conclusion: to get the product he wanted, he needs more time and far more money to accomplish the task. As the result, the time-frame of the product development has been expanded and the total cost of the product several times exceeds the limits mentioned earlier.

Making a customized product from scratch is always cheaper than making constant modifications to the template solutions.

 Customized solutions always assume the product architecture, as well as the admin panel, being worked out, based on the client’s needs.

Initially it is an individual, personalized solution.

 This made-for-order solution will be perfect for start-ups as the architecture is developed originally for the client’s needs (this very client, not the group of clients with the similar requirements, being unified). That is why the creation of the MVP can be more meaningful. MVP implies the development of the core product functionality with the ability to add functions any time you like. F.i. after testing the service / product / idea and realizing it does work.


Any further work with the product is just a continuation of the product development, but not the modification of the core functionality.

The customized solution is always more expensive at the first glance, but, no doubts, cheaper in summation in terms of the money and time spent.

Still wonder?

Look at the customized projects we have done for our clients.


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