We can discuss extensively whether chatbots are effective or not, until we come across a scenario like the ‘N’ water delivery service.

We have been their clients for a long time. Every 2 weeks, we order exactly the same:  2 bottles of 13 litres of mineral water. Just 2 bottles of water. Not more. Not less. To the same address, at the same time.  However, every time we want to place an order, we need to go through the whole order process again.

  • We tried to call them to make an order via telephone — we listened to a number of music tracks, minutes were ticking away and our nerves were severely tested.  Only brave and very patient people finally get through to an operator.
  • We tried to make an orders via their website


Eureka, we found there is a repeat order feature for returning customers on their website.

But, oh dear, we have to

  • remember our login and password (Why? We can’t remember it. We can’t even remember what email we used when we first registered),
  • enter the delivery address every time we make an order (The address is still the same. Why not save it and propose it to us by default? We don’t want to order water for all our neighbors and acquaintances to different addresses),
  • enter the order details (Nothing has changed since the previous order. We still only want 2 bottles of water. Still ‘N’. Still 13 litres. Very simple!),
  • repeat the time for the delivery (Yes. Like the address, it’s still the same time we want it to be delivered at the same address. Why did not you try to save it?)

So, a simple process becomes a cumbersome process for the customer. We are tired of having to make the same order, the same quantity, to the same address and delivery time in such a way.  And we are not the only ones. We know there are a lot of people who are in the ‘same boat as us’.

The solution we propose is simple; use a chatbot, based on Telegram.

Why is it good?



ONE-time registration for the client

NO login and password is required for the next session




The system stores the client’s data

and makes the repeat order EASIER




The client does NOT call

The purchase is realized in several clicks



Guys, it saves you the money on having to employ more people to answer the phone (reducing costs!). You’ll have satisfied customers who will recommend other people to use the company, which is so client-oriented, which cares (increasing profits!).

Now you have the solution, we can breathe deeply and relax!

Last but not the least.  We should explain the necessity of the chatbot implementation to the company. And this is not easy!

So keep calling! Or stop water drinking 🙂


Problem: testing our nerves while ordering bottled water.

Solution: a chatbot based on Telegram.

Status: resolved.




Photocredit: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/